Scottish Wedding Photography

Lydia & Lewis & Airth Castle 2020

I want to show you ......

The nerves, the laughter, and the tears. My photography style captures the joy and essence of your Celebrations and concentrates them into a very special story telling album. Relive every moment of your Special Day as if it were yesterday.

..... your forever memories.

Important events, friends and family, the experiences, the emotions and our thoughts can all be captured in a photograph. Photos define who we are, and can tell our life story in intimate detail - even after we have gone. Bring back forgotten memories in a deeply emotional, powerful and meaningful way. Your Wedding Day is a very important life event - choose Lovemore Photography and cherish those special moments forever.

"There are no words to describe what an amazing job Gilbert does....."

—Robert & Charlene, Dumbarton

Lorraine & Robert @ The Popinjay 2019